Stage Ready For the Show


It is all about connections in this business.  It is our job to make those connections for you and get your band's name "out there".   We do that by helping you building your band's brand and then putting your band's name in front of venues and event planners.  In other words, we do the leg work for your band so that you can focus on making music and creating an entertaining experience.

The Our Story

Jen, the wife of a lefty bass player and drummer,  wanted to find a way to support her husband’s hobby.  So, what better way then to start a public relations and booking agency? She is already the CEO of an up-and-coming life safety consulting company so starting another business was a simple task.  Now she helps her husband do what he loves as often as possible.  But why not share that energy and help other bands too?  Jen asked her sister Sarah to come along for the ride and now the dynamic duo use charm, smiles, and great attitudes to bring bands and venues together.

Meet the Team

Jen and Sarah grew up in a musical family.  While they both have musical abilities, they are much better at organizing and managing, so why not put that to good use?


Jen O'Connell



Sarah Cullison


Next Steps...

Love to play but hate booking the gigs?  Let us help you spend more time doing what you love...